Friday, January 29, 2010

An Update on Chopsticks and a Challenge

"Chopsticks and Tulip Bowl" 12 x 16" Pastel on Belgian Mist Wallis Paper
(Work in Progress)

Last night I started laying in color and shapes in the background. One of the challenges of this piece will be to have the background not overtake the tulip bowl and chopsticks. So I'm being very cautious about too much detail or color in the background.

But another equally challenging issue is the photography of this piece. For those of you who have ever worked with colored pencil on black paper, you know they photograph really well but in real life they look very muted. Well, I've discovered the same issue with this piece. Since I am putting the pattern and color over the black pastel in the background it is very muted, but when I photograph it, it looks much richer in color.

Since I work in a dark studio with an incandescent light on my work (and on the still life set-up), the background looks much like it does in the photograph above. But out in the daylight or in my house under normal ambient light it looks very muted.

It will be a sticky-wicket to get it to work under both normal lighting and bright light/photography.

Unlike colored pencil which is difficult to apply the pigment heavily enough so that it ever becomes "bright", I believe I can get the pastel to be much more colorful....just don't want to overdo.

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