Monday, November 24, 2008

A Little Non-Art Announcement

After I opened Littleton Studio, my first Etsy shop where I sell my fine art and fiber art, and then my second Etsy shop, Littleton Outlet, where I am de-stashing my fiber and art supplies, I noticed a lot of "vintage" items being sold on Etsy. So I have now opened Corn Street Vintage where I sell my vintage finds, and established my Corn Street Vintage blog.

The bug has bitten me! I won't give up my art, but I've found something equally as fun. Stop by and take a peek!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Seen My Specs?" or "Mr. Pearhead"

Well, I decided after the pumpkins I wanted to do something really silly. Mr. Potato Head would be too obvious so I am going for Mr. Pearhead. I thought I would share the very beginnings right from the set-up to initial sketch. The drawing will be refined as I go.

I spent alot of time trying to get this arrangement set up so that the composition lead to the right side of the picture plane, and that the right side ended properly.

My pastel instructor, Deb, has been working along side us for the last couple of classes. It's very helpful to see how she starts and progresses through the piece.

It will focus more on color than the really dark shadows (ala "Pumpkins"), but still revealing form through light and shadow.
Picture of set-up at a distance.

Picture of set-up closer to size of drawing.

Initial Sketch with green pastel pencil and laying in beginning values with black and gray Nu-Pastel. This piece is about 12" x 16" on Wallis sanded paper.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Back After Two Weeks

"Three Pumpkins and Unintentionally Detached Stem" 12" x 16" Pastels on Sanded Board
(Now available for sale on my Etsy shop Littleton Studio)

I haven't been able to get any drawing done, and I even missed my much-loved class for two weeks. Had a bout with the flu (even after my flu shot!).

Last night I made it to class and finished my pumpkin painting. It felt so good to feel good and paint....and to throw that stupid stem away that's been in my trunk for about a month. :-)

I was out of practice standing at the easel, and I see I have some of my lights and darks confused but all in all it's the first piece that I could frame coming out of my class work.

I've also had a little time to work on this piece "Pot, Pepper and Onions" in colored pencil. I'm having trouble getting enthused about this when I see what rich colors I can get with pastels, but I will finish it.