Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Green Pepper

"Green Pepper"
4 x 4 oil on Gessobord
Painted 2-24-13

"Green Chile"
4 x 4 oil on Gessobord
Painted 2-16-11
I almost always find it amusing to paint a reference that I painted several years ago.  I notice my palette has cooled from warm to cool (at least on this one), and my edges have definitely become softer. 

Someone inevitably lets me know they like the older one better.  :-)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Interview with Daily Paintworks

I have been a member of Daily Paintworks for over a year now, maybe going on two years.  Time flies!  Last week, Jennifer Marine, asked if I would be the featured artist for the week starting Feb 22, 2013 and answer a few interview questions.  Here is the link to the interview - Click Here  

Yesterday was the day I cleaned out my art supplies and furniture from the studio I shared with JunieB for the last two years.  While I will definitely miss seeing JunieB so often, I don't think I'm going to miss going to the studio so often. 

When I got home, I got the groundwork laid for two paintings, an 8 x 8" (new size for me) and a 5 x 7", then because I was pooped - yes, I'm old - I did a quickie painting of cherries.

(One last item of note.  I was asked what my ebay ID is - it's Cornstreetvintage - a holdover ID from my early ebay efforts.) My listings all have my name - Cynthia Haase - in the title, so a quick ebay search should find my items being auctioned.)

"Cherries Flambe"
4 x 4 oil on Gessobord

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Emma's Flower Garden
Photography Still Life :-)
Craft Hour at Grandma and Grandpa's on Emma Tuesdays
Some of you may remember reading recently that I have given up my studio in Golden.  While it was a joy to have for the last two years, I think during that time I have learned the discipline of painting most everyday. I have now set up my painting "studio" at home in the dining room right next to the bank of north facing windows.  North light being the best, you know.  I remember watching a video demonstration by master oil painter David Leffel.  He was talking about painting with the natural north light, someone in the crowd asked, "What if you don't have windows that face north?" David replied, "You move." His point being, painting is either your priority or its not.  My old studio had windows in every direction except maybe this move "home" was to accomodate the priority of painting.  If you are serious about painting, you will paint at home.  Did I mention it's also cheaper?

I've also been experimenting again with selling paintings on ebay, the online auction site (like I needed to explain that.) A Facebook friend recommended I check it out, so I did.  I've sold 16 paintings since Feb 5th on ebay...and one on Etsy.  (Etsy has been dead for me since Christmas.)
The first week of February I watched the paintings that received bids, the ones that didn't and how much a painting like mine might go for.  The paintings that receive bids start VERY low, like $.01 or $.99....the first few auctions under my belt I thought I would choke when the bidding was at $5 until the last minute when they end up selling for a whole bunch more.  It's funny how much ownership you feel when you've bid $.99 on something. You don't want to relinquish your possession, so you keep bidding.  But if you were asked to bid $50 right out of the shute, you wouldn't...even if  your $.99 bid grew to $50...the psychology of bidding!  The final prices I was receiving wasn't much different, on average, than what I get on Etsy, probably a bit more. It's' just I have more control over when a particular painting goes out the door and when the money comes in.  I've also had the pleasure of "meeting" collectors from hither and yon parts of the US and Canada.  Two wonderful folks bought 4 and 5 paintings apiece.  The highest price for a 6 x 6" so far has been $71 plus $5 shipping. That's the highest price I've received for a 6 x 6, unless it was framed and on exhibition in a gallery setting.

So if you are in the market for a painting, please check out the Daily Painting widget in the upper right corner....bidding starts at 99 cents!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Lightness of Being

"Sunny Side"
4 x 4 oil on Gessobord

"Cherry Bomb"
4 x 4" oil on Gessbord

4 x 4" oil on Gessobord

"Natural Pear"
5 x 5 oil on Gessobord

I've been spending some time this week painting in natural light, as opposed to darker, more dramatic, artificial lighting.  This has been a great deal of fun and a good learning exercise.  Subjects bathed in natural light require different colors (especially the shadows and the color temperature.)

They feel lighter, brighter and more contemporary (as opposed to traditional.)

To purchase or bid on these paintings, please consult the Daily Paintworks widget on the top right side bar.  The image will be shown as part of the slide show and you can click on the painting your are interested in.

Friday, February 1, 2013

New Paintings and Spare Time

6 x 6 oil on Gessobord

"Cherry on Purple"
6 x 6 oil on Gessobord
Been having fun with color and lots of brush work for the last couple of days.  I'll be making the most of my last month at the studio.  Sadly, June and I have decided the rent money could be spent on lots of other things, and we both could take advantage of the spaces we have in our basements.  I think after two years I have enough discipline to now carry on at home.  If not, I'll be looking for studio space :-)

In case anyone is wondering what I do in my spare time...hah!  I also serve as the president for the Colored Pencil Society of America, an excellent art society with a board of 13 and a membership of over 1500 worldwide (mostly in the US.)

Each year CPSA holds two excellent exhibitions, one online exploring mixed media with colored pencil as the dominant medium, and one international exhibition held in a different location each year.  This year we will be at the Brea City Gallery (CA) in July and August.

We are pleased to unveil our ET!9 online beginning today at the CPSA website.  Here is the direct link to the exhibition.  There are some extraordinarily creative works this year and it could be our best Explore This! exhibition to date.  Enjoy!