Monday, January 25, 2010

New Painting in Progress - Chopsticks and Tulip Bowl

Resource for Chopsticks and Tulip Bowl

"Chopsticks and Tulip Bowl" 12 x 16" Pastel on Paper
Work in Progress

The first photo is a shot of the still life set-up in the studio. I am not painting from the photo, it's only here to give you an idea of where I am heading.

The shadows and lights have been blocked into the painting, and I will be tackling the background next. If you look closely you can see the two small white x's in the background. Those spots denote where the figures will be placed. Some of you have seen my dynamic symmetry grids that I draw on the paper before I start. The figures are place in "sweet spots" within the structure of the grid.

The "foreshortened" chopstick was a little tricky, but I kept checking the angle with my pencil and transferring that angel to my drawing paper.

Won't be able to paint in the studio again until Thursday night...I'm itching to get the background in.

On another note...
This excellent site called "Pearathon" has nothing but pears...still life with pears, or just "naked" pears in all their glory. I submitted two pieces "Pears and Cherries" in colored pencil and "Pears on Sateen" in pastel.

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