Friday, January 15, 2010

Floral Vase Still Life Pastel - Update

"Floral Vase" 7 x 12" Pastel on Sanded Paper (Work in Progress)

Finally able to get back to this painting today.

I brushed out the floral pattern on the vase as it was pretty much non-specific and I was having trouble getting that "lit" look back. I redrew the pattern with a pastel pencil and then started layering some color into the pattern. Much happier with that aspect now.

Other things I worked on..

-Added more pink and rose into the "air" color
-Pumped up the reflected light in the small pot
-Lightened up the left side of the table
-Added more color into the cloth as it rolls over the front of the table

Still need to work on the symmetry of the vase. and a little more tweaking.

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