Saturday, January 23, 2010

Floral Vase Still Life Pastel - Finished

"Floral Vase Still Life" 7 x 12" Pastel on Sanded Paper

I think I finally have come to terms with this one. It was difficult trying to figure out how to pull it together given a dark area and a light area of similar size. However, I increased the light area by diminishing the shadow in the background and added lots of reflected light in the area of the little pot.
The goal of this piece was to acquaint myself with my new still life items, but I think I have a piece nice enough to be framed.

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Jean-Claude said...

Hi, I think you do it well, the light is realy good in your painting! I like the warm background . I just dicovered your blog and I go on it , I found it realy good and I will add you on mine .
I will visiting you again.
have good day