Monday, February 1, 2010

Update on Chopsticks and Tulip Bowl

"Chopsticks and Tulip Bowl" 12 x 16" Pastel (Work in Progress)
Finished putting in the background today. Since I last posted I also darkened the foreground which should draw your eye to the chopstick on the left (when I get all the detail in), and travel up the chopstick to the tulip bowl. I will be working on painting the bowl to near completion on Wednesday. Thursday night will probably be the finalization of the chopsticks/silk case (under the bowl) and Sunday's painting session will be to make any adjustments and finish up.
I was able to get the background to read well in ambient light and I'm happy. The trick will now be to get enough detail in the chopsticks, bowl, and the silk chopsticks case so the background really sits in its place.

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