Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two finished, critiqued, tweaked and photo'd

"With a Twist" 8 x 10 Pastel on Sanded Board

" Sunny Wall in Mexico" 11 x 14 Pastel on sanded board

Done, fini, moving on.......they will be my entries for our largest Arts Council's "Artist's Choice" Exhibit. If the pieces are accepted they will be hung at the beautiful Lakewood Cultural Center.
The jurying is on May 16th.

Two years ago I won Best in Show, last year had all 4 of my pieces accepted. What will happen this year? (I forgot to mention my first year of entering, my entries were rejected ;-)


Regina said...

If it were up to me, these would both be in. I really like both of them, but my favorite of the two is With a Twist.
Best wishes for you.

simoart said...

You have a great talent, I wish the best luck for this year. I love both of your pieces.

black bear cabin said...

Hi Cindy~
i just stumbled upon your site thru another artists blog, and i really love your work! i look forward to reading along to see all of the wonderful pieces you create in the future!
cheers~ lisajo

P.S. Its always fun to find a neighbor on here...im in the Poudre Canyon :)

Cindy said...

Hi Regina! Good to "see" you...
Thank you for your good wishes.

Thank you simoart for your kind words and for stopping in to say hello. Your son's work is awesome!
What a wonderful way for him to express his feelings and thoughts. That's all any artist hopes for is that someone can see what's inside them that they are unable to express any other way.

Hi Lisajo/neighbor! Thank you for stopping in and leaving your nice comments. Loved the pics on your blog. Especially the one that starts, "Spring is in the...oops, never mind".