Sunday, April 5, 2009

Putting it Together....bit by bit...

The title of this post is a song from Barbra Streisand's Broadway album....I had this years ago and absolutely loved this song.

Yesterday was a wonderful pastel class. Deb did a demo on painting clusters of things without painting each individual thing.....she used a cluster of grapes, but it could be lilacs or other such florals that would send one off in a straight jacket if you had to paint each individual flower. It was so informative to see her work.

My head is always spinning when I get home.....there is a basket of chocolate at the studio and I take a couple of pieces to eat on the way home so I pay attention to the road ;-) Otherwise, I'd have one of those out-of-body drive home know, where you can't remember any of the're just home and you don't know how you got there.

I started working on the vase yesterday and making some adjustments to the background. The blue on the vase is not quite "blue" enough yet...I will need to get some purple in it as it should be the same color as the cobalt blue bottle.

A few more weeks on the vase and then moving on to the onion and the cobalt blue bottle. I'm going to have to really get in gear as there is a chance we will be doing a student show this summer. I'd like to have more than one painting to show.

Cobalt Blue Bottle 12 x 16" pastel on Wallis paper


Anonymous said...

Your work is really excellent! Will follor your blog.

Melanie said...

Wow... aren't those gorgeous!!! I love the pastels especially!!!