Monday, April 13, 2009

Digging out the unfinished work!

I started this in August '08 and lost interest because I couldn't quite figure out the lights and shadows and what to do with them. But I'm back working on it today and feel confident that I will be able to finish it in a couple more days.

I've posted the two most recent pics of the work in progress so you can see what I have done.

One of the things I have learned in my pastel class is when the light source is warm the shadow areas are a cooler temperature (blues, purples, and some greens). So I have added purple, some cool dark grey, and black to the shadow areas.

I also wanted to push the left side of the foliage back behind the bush on the to do that I need to cool them down and soften the edges. Then when I work on the bush I can brighten it up and tighten the edges and it should just pop off the page....well, we hope ;-)

The pots were a big source of frustration for me before but I now understand shadows and light a bit better, and was able to get them pretty close to completion.

The chair is also roughed in and probably will not be detailed much more as it's only purpose to be in the painting is to explain the shadow on the floor.

The above pic is from August 08

This is from today.... stay tuned and I promise I will finish it within the week.

From my pastel class here is the update on my "Cobalt Blue Perfume Bottle". Working on the blue hues and the ellipses of the vase.....I HATE ellipses.

And lastly, here are two new fiber art ACEO's. My lovely sister-in-law bought two from last week's post! Thanks!!

"Crimson" Fiber Art ACEO

"Spirits" Fiber Art ACEO - uses a vintage silver and turqouise earring.

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