Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ok, I'm Really Done....

"Combo Redux"
5 x 7 oil on Gessobord

On my November 25th post, Progression of a Scratcher and Some Lessons, I started this painting.  In the post I noted that "less is more" and I had gotten too carried away with everything...color, scratching, brushstrokes, etc.

You know how in some portrait paintings, the eyes seem to follow you when you are in the room?  Well, that's how the original "Combo" felt to me, it was looking at me...taunting me. ;-)

So yesterday, with ice packs on my back and hips (damned arthritis), I tackled it again with the sanding block...getting rid of all the rough edges of paint.  Mixing a more neutral color for the background and foreground, tightening up my loosey-goosey brushstrokes, and minimizing the scraping/scratching.

I'm happy with it now and like the painterly quality it has to the edges.  It can now stop following me!

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