Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Plethora of Pears This Week!

"Traditionally Yours"
4 x 4 Oil on Gessobord

"Pears - Probably Number 50"
5 x 5 Oil on Gessobord
Dealing with lots of back issues this week, so I've taken all my frustrations out on these pears and scratching the heck out of them! 

On the second painting I actually used a serrated plastic knife (from Wendy's ) to scratch hash marks into the wet paint.  It was painted over an underpainting of Gamblin FastMatte.  I'm finding I really like the FastMatte paints because they dry fast (in case it wasn't obvious) and are perfect for underpaintings.

1 comment:

Sherry Schmidt said...

Ooo...both very neat! Love your technique and wishing I could do that with my watercolors...