Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mandarin Before and After

5 x 5 Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
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A "before" and "after for you today.  The bottom painting is what I started with.  It was a painting I started 2 years ago in my quest to teach myself to do oils.  I thought what I wanted to do was a glazing approach, layer after layer of transparent oil glazes, but that proved too tedious for me.  So this little gallery wrapped canvas (sides are 1.5") sat in my studio for 2 years.  Today was the day to finish it by just painting over the top of the underpainting.  It turned out a lot brighter and a little more painterly.

Mission accomplished!


Mike Menius said...

Wow! this before and after sequence shows how far you've come. Congratulations.

Sherry Schmidt said...

Wow, so much better and now so beautiful.