Wednesday, December 12, 2012

In the Pink...At Least Someone Is...

"In the Pink"
5 x 7 Oil on Canvas Panel
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I received some free samples of Gamblin's FastMatte Alkyd Oil Colors in my goodie bag at the Colored Pencil Society of American convention this summer.  I stuck them in a drawer and just recently came across them, and thought I would try them out. 

This one was painted with a red, not sure which one...didn't write it down.  But it's a pink red and pretty intense.  I painted it as an undercolor on a canvas panel and let it dry for a couple of days.

I think it adds some harmony to the painting and I love the peeks of pinkish red popping out against the greens, yellows, and neutrals.

I'm hoping to be "in the pink" myself soon.  I have a chiropractor's visit tomorrow afternoon to see if I can get some help and relief from my back and right hip problems.


Cerise said...

Beautiful piece! The colors are amazing.
Hope your trip to the chiro is successful!

Sherry Schmidt said...

Very Perky and wonderful Cynthia!