Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Occasional Colored Pencil Painting

"Brass Pitcher and Red Onions" (Work in Progress)
Colored Pencil on Wallis Sanded Paper

This was a still life set-up I finished in December in pastel. Now I need to get a painting (or two) done in colored pencil. The deadline for entering the CPSA 18th International in Los Gatos is March 31, 2010, so I'd better get my *ss in gear.

I'm using Wallis paper which is a lovely sanded paper usually used for pastel work. The warm underpainting is using Inktense watersoluble pencils which are legal for the CPSA International. I'm also using Colorsoft by Derwent which are quite chalky (not waxy like Prismacolors) and work very well for me on sanded surfaces. Most of the dark background is "mixed" using Dark Green, Red, Indigo, and Black. The lighter area of the background is a Lichen Green and a few other colors that are appropriate value-wise.

Then I'm using a toothbrush to "smoosh" in the color. I usually use a stencil brush, but couldn't find one the other day so I grabbed a somewhat softer toothbrush and I really like how it pushes the pigment around. The onion on the left is getting darker just by virtue of picking up some darker pigment from the background with the toothbrush and brushing it into the shadowed onion.

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