Monday, January 26, 2009

Update to Vintage Teapot

This is the beginning of the underpainting with Inktense watersoluble pencils. I have used Bark for the most part. I started to use an earth tone but decided against it, So I will try to lift some of the warm color in the shadow areas.

The one thing that our pastel instructor is trying to get us to do is create a strong abstract structure to then build our color on. So I've posted a second photo of the underpainting that is turned...if you squint at it you can judge the abstract quality of the piece. This is such a new concept for me....but I think I'm much closer to understanding it than before.

This afternoon I will be adding water to the watersoluble pencil and completing the underpainting. I'll take a photo and share that when I'm done.

Vintage Teapot, 9 x 12 colored pencil on white Colorfix sanded paper

Later afternoon....and how it looks with the water applied...pretty messy huh? I anticipate this messy look will be gone when I'm done :-)


Toni James , Toni, Tj, pencils4me said...

Cindy I love this work your doing with the "to die for" shadows! I've been watching, your pastels are inspiring. I see I'm going to have to come back often to watch this teapot too!

The Uart is good, did you get the sample pack link when you visited? It's good for pastels too ;)

JAN said...

I have been considering purchasing some inktense pencils and am fascinated by your demo. Thanks for taking the time to share your techniques and art processes

Cindy said...

Hey there little missy (TJ). Thanks for your comment about my shadow work. My pastel classes have been all about light and shadow. I have to get some Uart, so I will check out the link to the sample pack.

Hi Jan! Thanks for stopping in and saying hello. You're very welcome! The one big thing about working with Inktense or any underpainting medium is to watch the hard edges. They can be a "bugger" to soften or cover up.

Jody said...

I don't really understand what you're talking about but I certainly do like what I'm looking at :)! Really neat structure.