Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Saturday's Pastel Class-More of the Peppers

I would love to have somewhere that I could set up my still life and just leave it. It takes forever to set them up and take them down. But this is my progress from Saturday.

I had to change a few things because of the little subtle changes in this week's setup. And I started to lay in some color.

A couple of things I learned:

- Just as in colored pencil, it's very hard to put yellow over anything! So going forward I will have to keep in mind to leave my yellows plain paper for the pure yellows.

- I soooooo know this and I don't know why it escaped me...work the whole picture at the same time. Don't work a small piece to completion. Pastel sounds sooo easy, and yet it's just that much different than colored pencil that my "pace" is all off.
Practice, practice, practice.


Catherine said...

I understand that you are following pastel classes, Cindy. I totally agree, it is always difficult to add yellow on top of another color in any technique : colore dpencil, pastel, watercolor, ... and, if you do, your colors aren't vivid anymore.
Good luck with your classes.

Ann said...

The yellows may not be as vivid as you would like but this piece just sparkles with light. Those peppers have a translucent glow - I don't know how you did that with pastel!
Oh, and your colored pencil piece below is just lovely.