Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pears on Sateen...more work

The April Version of "Pears on Sateen" came out of the closet this week for another look.

I decided a couple of things:

1. The pears looked really flat, plus there were not enough darks to give them much form.

2. The colors used in the painting were all isolated....no reflected colors bouncing around.

3. Although I did set up the still life, I worked from the photograph rather than real life.

So this week I bought a couple of similar pears, took the painting into the studio and set up the lighting and a piece of fabric of similar color.....and proceeded to work on this some more.

The pears have much more form now and strokes are even more pronounced than they were on the earlier version.

I'll have it critqued on Thursday night in class (so it may not be done), but I think I'm much happier with it.

12 x 18" "Pears on Sateen" Pastel on Wallis
(click on the pic for a larger version_


Meisie said...

Looking beautiful...I LOVE your colours!

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

Great palette Cindy! I love how you've brought the turquoise of the sateen into the background.

Carolina said...

You've improved it a lot... thanks for sharing your self-critique points.
Best regards,

Cindy said...

Hugs Meisie!! I feel like I got a message from an old friend...hey, you are an old friend. Do you ever hang out in Wet Canvas/Colored Pencil forum anymore? I haven't checked that out in ages. I have been pretty active in the Pastel Forum.