Monday, November 30, 2009

Brass Pitcher and Onions

Another wonderful day in the studio painting with my friend and fellow artist, June. Great music today, a little Loreena McKennitt and Eva Cassidy. (My first time to hear Eva...such a wonderful singer who passed away much too young.)

My last study had a silver pitcher and I wanted to try another reflective surface. In our still life storage I found this lovely brass pitcher, to go along with the red onions I had stored in the studio kitchen.

I find that the brass was also easy to paint, and the shadows on the red onions are giving me trouble (again! just like the shadows of the red tomatoes.) In talking over our work for today June pointed out that I'm not getting my darks in solid enough before I start adding color. Then when I try to darken the color it comes out muddy. This is why I love to paint with June, we are able to point out our observations to help each other out.

You will also find in the second photo my initial sketch over the Dynamic Symmetry grid. Note how the major points of the pitcher fall on the grid lines. The right onion is the focal point and it has been placed in the lower right mean area.
More work tomorrow on the left onions and trying to add more depth to my darks on the onions.
"Brass Pitcher and Onions" (Work in Progress), 10 x 12" pastel study on Wallis

Initial Sketch on Wallis over Dynamic Symmetry Grid

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Kathleen Krucoff said...

Hi Cindy!

I didn't realize we lived so close...I'm in the Black Forest just outside of Colorado Springs.

I was really drawn to this one. I love the way you captured the reflective qualities of the brass. A very nice composition.

And I like your choice of music too! Happy creating.