Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pepper is done!

Pepper 5" x 7" Colored Pencil on pastelbord with marker underpainting

Pepper 5" x 7" grayscale to show values

I've tried photographing this with my digital, but it doesn't look right. So this is a scan straight from the scanner. The photos were too harsh. In real life, the underpainting adds a nice warmth underneath all the green.


hbedrosian said...

Beautiful, Cindy! When I enlarge the image I can see how the warmer yellows and pinks show through and add depth. I am very interested in trying the markers (as well as the Inktense) now!

Kendra said...

Cindy, What a fun idea to use the markers as an underpainting on the pastelboard. I love the vibrance of the underpainting and the way it glows through the colored pencil applied on top. I just love trying new techniques. Thank you for the inspiration!

Fannie said...

Markers as underpainting--genius! Nice work as always, Cindy. Makes me hungry.