Thursday, February 4, 2016

Golds and Grays

"Golds 3"
11 x 14" pastel on sanded paper

Grayscale image...helps to see the structure of a painting
Darks help to direct the viewer through the painting.

"Golds 3" was started last Friday and, after surviving 4 days of snow and being in the house, finished yesterday. I thought I was done, but after staring at the image for awhile realized I wasn't quite there. Below is the unfinished version and it's grayscale. What I realized is the structure of my darks was virtually non-existent. I added some darks to the unfinished piece and it was much more satisfying. Not perfect, but satisfying.

unfinished painting...darks are needed

unfinished's apparent my painting is all mid-tones and lights

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