Friday, February 5, 2016

Purple and Pears

"Purple and Pears"
8 x 10" pastel on panel
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I'm re-purposing all my old panels that have unwanted paintings on them. This was a Pastelbord that had a horrible blue and orange painting on it. I washed and scrubbed it down to the grit, but not all of the old painting came off. So I painted the board a blue acrylic, then coated it with Golden ground for pastels (I love this stuff!) I put some initial lines and masses in with charcoal and washed it lightly with rubbing alcohol. This helps get rid of the initial linear marks and gives nice masses to then apply the pastel.

Again I'm playing with the idea of an abstracted setting for more realistic objects. It offers me freedom to use colors I wouldn't normally introduce, like the hot pink, or the little bits of pale yellow.

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