Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tea Roses and Pitcher

"Tea Roses and Pitcher" 9 x 9 pastel on paper
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Where I started again after over a year of sitting on the shelf
While there were some things about the "old painting that I liked....there were lots of things that I couldn't make happen.  And since I have been experimenting more with mark-making I decided to give this a go with lots of marks.

As one might guess I had lots of problems with the tea roses...painting each petal realistically is not my idea of fun, so I worked to make them more impressionistic like the rest of the piece.  Here is where a studio mate comes in very handy.  I kept trying to be done...but June turned up her nose in that way that only Junie B can...and I knew it was not done.  She finally went home and I finished up those items she pointed out and declared myself done.  Not perfect by any means but it feels good to have it come to a resolution.

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