Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Tuneup

"Three Red Plums" 5 x 7" Oil on Gessobord
Some of you may know I recently had my blog critiqued by Tony Moffitt, Artist.Blog.Critique, and based on his assessment of my blog, along with looking at the reviews of quite a few other artists' blogs, I have made additional changes to my blog.  Tony rates the artist's blog on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best.  I received a 6.9 before the changes were made.  The scale does not reflect the quality of the artwork, however Tony does give a review of the work.  Here is what Tony says about his rating system:

About the Blogsite Rating:
At the bottom of each critique, I have posted a 'Blogsite Rating'.This figure merely represents my opinion on how 'buyer-friendly' an artist's blogsite is to visit.
This Rating is taken from the perspective of a potential purchaser of art. I put myself in the shoes of a visitor/potential buyer at the artist's site, and I base my ratings on how well the site is presented, how easy it is to navigate, and the amount and quality of information the artist provides to make purchasing a piece of art as easy as possible.
Tony will give you a general critique of your art and a blog rating for free.  If you want a specific report of changes that can be made to your blog to improve your rating, he will provide a report for $25. (I believe this is Australian dollars.)
Here is the link to my review Cynthia Haase Fine Art
Great service!  Thanks Tony!

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Vanessa said...

Beautiful plums! Luv the colours and shadows