Friday, January 27, 2012

Prairie Storm

"Prairie Storm" 5 x 7 Oil on Gessobord
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I don't often paint landscapes, but I will be taking a plein air (outdoor) workshop with Deb Groesser in May, and thought I best be brushing up (no pun intended) for some landscape painting.  This is from a reference from a kind soul on Wet Canvas.

In trying to stay with bold strokes, rich colors and soft edges, I began with the large shapes and then blended the shapes with a large brush.  For the impression of a rainstorm on the horizon, I pulled paint down from the dark cloud with a bristle brush.  As always, the painting is  more colorful and has more depth than the photograph of the painting.

If you would like to see some framing options for this painting, just email me at and I can send you a few photographic samples.

After our painting session at the studio, June and I went to the French Press in Lakewood, CO, and had a luscious lunch.....Hummus on Toasted Pita Salad.  A real Friday treat!

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