Monday, September 12, 2011

An Experiment (Work in Progress)

Last week I ordered and received my Icarus Drawing Board. It's a heated board designed for working with wax-based products such as colored pencil. One of our CPSA members, Ester Roi, and her husband, Mario Bassi, manufacture and sell the boards.

One of the experiments I had tried earlier in the year was putting colored pencil over an oil painting, but I didn't really get too excited about the results until.....the Board!

When I lay my oil painting done on Gessobord on the heated section of the drawing board it gets hot enough to soften the wax pencils (I'm using Prismacolors). The heat is enough to make the pencils really lay down some pigment and make marks.

I've always been interested in mark-making, in colored pencil, pastels and brushwork in my oils. I'm sharing this experiment not because the painting itself is all that great, but it was a great piece to experiment on. The first pic is the painting in just oil. The second pic is where I've started to lay in marks of color particularly in the foreground and background. I'm trying to figure out the white plate. I think the marks give the painting a bit of life that it was missing before.

"Strawberry on Plate" Oil on Gessoboard 10 x 10"

"Strawberry on Plate" Colored Pencil over Oil


Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

I think you're onto something here, Cindy! The colored pencil gives a nice texture and pops of color where you're not expecting them

Sadeu said...

very good drawings and paintings : )