Thursday, June 30, 2011

Work in Progress..Peaches and Copper Bowl

"Work in Progress-Peaches and Copper Bowl"

6 x 6" Oil on Gessobord

Got a good start on this today, but the studio was pretty had to call it a day. Will try to finish tomorrow. This is how I start all my paintings, drawing in a value study with burnt umber. Then I begin to add color, like the start of the copper bowl and the dark background. The value study makes it much easier to add I'm not trying to do to many steps at one time.


hbedrosian said...

Looks good, Cindy! Thank you for posting an in-progress photo to show your process.

Rolina said...

It is a great start and I look forward to seeing how it progresses!

Kendra said...

Hi Cindy! it's nice to see the value study and how you begin the painting. And I see from a later entry that the piece came out beautifully!