Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tea & Sympathy

"Tea & Sympathy" 8 x 14 Colored Pencil

Yesterday, I was thinking why doesn't the Bold Brush Online Competition allow colored pencil as a medium. So I sent off a note to the EXCELLENT technical support at Fine Art Studio Online (FASO) to ask that very question. In their usual prompt and professional fashion replied "It is an acceptable medium". Yippee!!

So I have entered my second painting for this month, "Tea and Sympathy", a colored pencil painting. See the right sidebars which are provided to us by FASO.

My first entry fee for "Red Rocks" was free since my website is hosted by FASO. The second entry fee was $14, but it will be great to have colored pencil represented in the competition. I think I have only seen one other entered, which is why I wrote to ask if it was legal.

I'm a happy girl!


hbedrosian said...


First of all, I LOVE Tea and Sympathy, and I'll be voting for it in the Bold Brush competition. Secondly, thank you for inquiring about colored pencil - I didn't realize it was acceptable now. That's good news!

Ester Roi said...

Thanks for the info, Cindy, I also was under the impression that colored pencil was not allowed.

Regina Calton Burchett said...

Cindy - This is impressive in any medium but especially in colored pencil! I can't imagine how long that took to finish, but it is excellent! Wonderful pencil painting.