Monday, April 5, 2010

Trees on Orange Sky - WIP

I wanted to do something really fun and experimental today, so I took a lovely photo that pastelist Paula Ford contributed to the Wet Canvas Image Lib, and changed the colors and shapes.

There are some things to work being that the color of the sky and background is sooooo different but I chose somewhat normal colors for the midground tree and foreground. I think as the day progressed I got less willing to push the envelope.

Another being that the painting is really about describing form by color and shape yet I was trying to do light and shadow shapes on the I need to look at making the tree more shape and color driven.

The other big thing is the foreground needs to decide what it's going to be and I have only started working on that.

But I thought I would share and see if I send anyone screaming from their computer yelling "my eyes, my eyes" with the orange and blue.

I've never been to Africa but I could hear African drums and chants while I was painting, seriously ;-) Paula's trees were growing in TN, but I think I transplanted them to someplace else.

"Trees on Orange Sky" 11 x 14" pastel on rust-colored sanded paper

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