Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mexican Pitcher Finished

"Mexican Pitcher" 11 x 16" Pastel on Wallis Sanded Paper

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo on May 5th!

"Tenebrism" is a term I've heard from Deborah Bays many times. Here is the Wikipedia definition of "tenebrism". I've come to understand it in the context of chiaroscuro as being very dramatic lights and darks...maybe to say the dark end of chiaroscuro. I'd say of the pieces I have done while studying with Deb this is painted in a tenebristic style....moreso than my other paintings. I love the high drama in my paintings, but not in my life!!

As you will read, Caravaggio was probably the first to paint in this style but painters after him were identified as tenebrists. Here is a lovely painting by Hovsep Pushman, or this by Emil Soren Carlsen.

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Ruthmeaders said...

Everything about this work AND Mexico is good with me.
good job.