Sunday, December 20, 2009

Update on Berries in Blue Pitcher

"Berries in Blue Pitcher" 16 x 20" Pastel (Work in Progress)

Spent the morning painting in the studio with my artist friend and studio mate, June. We had a very productive morning. Since my last posting I have been correcting values, blending, adding more strokes on top, and painting the flow blue china pitcher. I had to drag out the David Leffel book to see how he paints flow blue. Quite a challenge, but I'm pretty happy with it right now.

It was good to get the detail into the flow blue pitcher as the pattern in the background will be softer-edged, and it would have been tough to tell how soft if I didn't have the focal point detail to judge by.

Left to be painted is the pattern in the background, the large pitcher, berries, and foreground cloth. Can't wait to paint the berries...but painting them will be like dessert!


Carolina said...

Saving the best for last :)
That's good reward for a hard work...
I want to wish you a Christmas and New Year full of love and happiness. I wish you have a great time on both!
Best regards,

Meisie said...

already soooo beautiful!