Sunday, December 13, 2009

Berries in Blue Pitcher

I was able to get away and paint at the studio today...a lovely way to pass a Sunday afternoon.

Starting a new painting today with a concept of "intensity", which means the colors are fairly muted until you get to the focal point (blue pitcher with red berries) where the intensity of color really makes it pop out. I also wanted a background that wasn't overpowering but would add an element of design.

Worked out the sketch over the Dynamic Symmetry Grid which helped me place my items and get the composition worked out, using a pastel pencil or two.

The third photo is where I stopped today. The work I completed was getting the large shapes of darks laid in, the lights in with an eye toward the value rather than the exact color. I will work up to the final colors as I go. The blotches in the background are where the floral shapes will be painted in the background fabric. At this point I have only used Nupastels (hard pastels).

Photo of Setup - Different Viewpoint than Painting

Sketch on Top of the Dynamic Symmetry Grid

" Berries in Blue Pitcher", 16 x 20" pastel on Wallis (Work In Progress)


Lynda Schumacher said...

So interesting to hear about your process, Cindy.

Meisie said...

Stunning set-up! This will be a sure winner Cindy!!

Reflections From Life Art Blog said...

What a wonderful piece this is going to be Cindy!! Great set-up!!! Bet you'll have fun doing that blue pattern on the pitcher! Look forward to seeing more done on it.