Monday, June 15, 2009

Blue Glass and Lemons Work in Progress

Happy Monday! Took my class piece to my Monday paint group as I had a drawing problem and wasn't sure how to go about fixing it. Turns out I had the blue vase, the clear cruet and the lemon all occupying the same table space. Not enough room for them all to exist on my two dimensional plane.

The solution was simple. Draw the complete blue vase shape, then the complete cruet, and then the lemon. That allowed me to see the drawing problem. I still have a few to correct, the perspective on the tops of the two class pieces for one. But I will need to see the real life set-up to make any more changes.

So in addition to making space for the 3 items, I have also been working of softening edges. I don't blend with my fingers so it takes alot of blending strokes varying the values.

It's coming together but lots more work to do.

Blue Glass and Lemons, 12 x 18" hard pastel on Wallis paper

Close up of right bottom

Close up of left bottom.
I'll be working on it again on Thursday night in class with the still life set up and lit.


Julie Magers Soulen said...

I really love this piece. Looking forward to watching your progress!

Carolina said...

Hi Cindy!
This is challenging! All those transparencies one in front of the other, and you're doing so great so far! I love the composition, by the way :)
Best regards,