Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Work in Progress - Belinda Roses

My good friend, Carol, from Texas has roses blooming at Christmas! She sent me a pic of her beautiful Belinda roses last year about this time. I've been wanting to do a pastel now that I have room to spread out in a studio, so I selected Carol's image for my first pastel piece in a long time.

I'm sharing my progress from the start. Not finished yet, but I will update my last couple work sessions in the next post.

Work in Progress
"Belinda Roses" 9 x 12"
Pastel on Sanded Paper
First Step - Watercolor Wash and Beginning of Blocking in Colors

Step 2 - More Blocking of Color and Gestural Lines

Step 3 - Blocking in the Lights and Shadows

Step 4 - Completing the Large Rose and Rosebuds
There were lots of drawing corrections to be made like the bud on the left. It needed to be much smaller.
I love pastel for that very ability - to correct your drawing as you go.

Have a very Merry Christmas and I'll finish the roses after the holiday!

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