Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Download of Original Paintings

I've been looking for a way to leverage the over 400 images I have of my original oil paintings for additional income. Some of my paintings I could have sold many times over, and I'm very grateful they have found good homes.

On Etsy I've been seeing sellers start to sell their work digitally and thought I would give it a try, but add something a little different with the quote to go with the image. When you download it you could choose to mat over the text, or to display the text as well (see the second image.) My signature on my original paintings are scratched into the paint, so I have added a digital signature.

The jpeg image file can be printed professionally or printed at home if you have a good printer.

When you purchase on Etsy they provide you with a download button, so as soon as you pay you have instant access to one jpeg image file. 

You can use the image for your personal projects, like wall art for your home or a gift, greeting cards to send to your friends, or create a fabric transfer for a tote bag or apron. 

I'll let you know how this goes! 

"Blush" 7 x 7 (including text) downloadable print
Click here to purchase - $5

Framing suggestion by Frameworksonline.com

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