Monday, December 30, 2013

Two new 6 x 6's

"Green Grapes"
6 x 6 " oil on Canvas Panel

"Fast Pears"
6 x 6 oil on Gessobord
The grapes will always be known to me as the "killer green grapes."  Green grapes are more difficult to paint than dark grapes.  I started the painting last night and it was going nowhere, so I spent some time last night looking online at oil paintings of green grapes. Most of the paintings were horrid and I started to feel better about the painting.  I then found a pic by one of my favorite artists and was able to study how he did it. I didn't do it, but I know how it should be done :-)

I worked on the green grapes this morning and at least finished them to my satisfaction.  I'll try green grapes again in another year....hopefully they'll be better.

Once the grapes were done, I decided to do something loose, fast and fun "Fast Pears."  In my photo file they are filed with today's date and a title of "Relief."  At least I had fun painting for awhile today.

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