Monday, December 9, 2013

Earthy Pear

"Earthy Pear"
6 x 6 oil on canvas board
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It's been a relatively good day, even though it's still frigid outside.  The warmth is coming though, above freezing tomorrow - 37!!

I had fun with this painting today.  I stained the canvas with some fast-drying earthy red paint (Gamblin Fast Matte - Transparent Earth Red), let it dry and then painted over the stain.  I some of the earth red show through and it has a nice effect.  Going to try this again on Wednesday - tomorrow is Emma-palooza day...the 4 yr old whirling dervish of independence.


Shannon Bauer said...

Love this one!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

really nice green :D very vibrant

Vanessa Turner said...

Love this one Cynthia! The red and green are awesome together.