Monday, January 14, 2013

Not a Skyscape!

I was thinking I was going to do some skyscapes as I mentioned in my last post, however...they just didn't interest me for the last couple of days.  I decided to paint what I makes it so much easier that way.

Today I painted at home and listened to the jazz station which is always interesting to see what gets painted to free jazz. (Not a lot of normal sounds as one would think about it.)  It sure was fun...

This was painted on top of a black-toned canvas panel, so when I scratched through the paint the scratches show up black.  A different look than the white scratches.

"Fried or Poached?" (Eggy)
5 x 7 Oil on Canvas Panel

Had fun after painting time auditioning frames from  This one is cool and contemporary but you could also do traditional black.
You could do something like this...

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