Friday, June 1, 2012

New Pastel Painting Begins

I love going to the local antique mall, Brass Armadillo, and looking for simple objects to use in my still life paintings.  On Monday, hubby and I went scouting for some new things.  My eyes and my short attention span focused on this blue-green tinted vintage bottle.  I knew it would be a perfect match for the red tea roses that grow (quite wildly) outside the studio.  Here are the beginnings of the 8 x 8" pastel on brown Colourfix sanded paper.  It isn't titled yet.

Blocking In

First Layers


Jim Serrett said...

Wonderful, great start.
Will have to follow this.
Thanks for sharing.

Cindy Haase said...

Thanks Jim! You do wonderful work...just checked it out.

I appreciate you taking the time to comment and follow my blog.

Vanessa said...

Thanks for posting your steps. I love seeing the in between phases. Your use of colour is lovely!