Monday, May 14, 2012

Beginnings of Emma's Pansies

I started planting flowers early this spring with pansies.  They are such hardy little things. Our granddaughter, Emma, who is also a hardy little thing, loves to water them when she's here on Tuesday.

I think I've got a good start on the structure and color base.  Will be back in the studio on Wednesday to keep layering color and fine-tuning the drawing.  Hopefully it will be done by Friday as JunieB and I will be attending a pastel workshop over the weekend with Casey Klahn here in Denver.

First layers of color
Only using hard Nupastels at this point

Laying in the darks with a black Nupastel
The drawing was done with a blue pastel pencil

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Vanessa said...

Cynthia I really like this piece. The purples with the darker background make it very soft and sensual. Beautiful piece!