Thursday, April 26, 2012

Posterized to Finished Tomato

In my last post I showed you the resource, then grayscale, then posterized version of this tomato. 

Here I have started again with the posterized version, and demonstrated how I laid in the color blocks similar to the shapes in the posterized version.  The idea is to get approximate color, pretty acurate value and shape. 

Once you have the first large shapes applied, you continue to break down the shapes and colors by adding additional layers of pastel.  You may make small alterations to the value structure.  For instance you can see I've gradated the background lightening the dark area behind the tomato and darkening the foreground area.  I've also added more light to the top of the tomato.

I don't use the posterized version often, but it helps students to simplify shapes and get started on the value/color structure.  I do however, always have the visual in my mind of where the darks, lights and midtones will be placed in the painting.

The finished painting took about 6 hours to complete from sketch to ready to frame. 

Posterized Resource

First Layers of Color on White Sanded Paper

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Vanessa Turner said...

Lovely painting Cynthia! Thanks for showing the steps in between. It's always interesting to see those middle stages that bring a painting together.