Thursday, December 30, 2010

Morning Snack 4 x 4" Daily Painting

Morning Snack 4 x 4" oil on gessoed board Daily Painting

I don't usually paint fact, I can only remember one done in colored pencil years ago that was a "hide in the closet" piece. But we received this lovely box from Harry & David for Christmas from our real estate agent/good friend, and there were these two lovely apples as part of the fantastic display. Hubby ate all the pears before I could paint them, so I'm left with this one apple.

For my daily painting today, I decided to try one of these little 4 x 4 gessoed boards I got at the art store (my son gave me a gift certificate for Christmas!) They handle much different than canvas and once you lay the paint on you're pretty much done otherwise you get mud. I think the surface of these boards will work well for the classical layering approach to oil painting.

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Meisie said...

another beauty! I love the freshness of it all and those brush storkes are delicious!!!