Thursday, September 16, 2010

Teacup & Tiny Roses - WIP

"Teacup and Tiny Roses", 6 x 9" Pastel on Paper
(Work in Progress)

I love porcelain teacups, and I enjoyed painting the one in "Silver Pitcher and Dried Rose". So I thought I would try another teacup, this time with tiny little roses from outside our studio.

When I set this up (including lighting) I photographed it as a whole and closeups of the components. I still have the teacup set up in my still life box, but the roses didn't make it through the day. I am painting from life as well as the photograph, which is tricky because the colors change from real life and as seen through the technology of the camera/computer. I try to use the shapes from the photo and the color harmony from the real life set-up.

The painting is 6" x 9" on White Wallis paper. So far I have captured the light and shadow shapes, blocked in some basic colors and blended a bit....a bit more blending on the teacup.

A ways to go to finish, but a good start...

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