Thursday, July 22, 2010

Project 100 #15

"Number 15" 6 x 8 Pastel on paper
I rephoto'd the painting on 7/23/10 in a better light

Cloudy cool day at the studio today and I wanted to paint a pastel to add to my Project 100.

This is 6 x 8 on sanded w/c paper. A couple of things I have learned about working on this type of paper.

- I've only been able to use the softest of pastels to keep from having an overworked look. The scribble stroke I like to use doesn't work for me on the sanded w/c paper.

- Depending on much you sand the paper, you will have little flecks of white. The less you sand, the more the flecks. The less you sand (or the thicker you pile on the pigment) the more white flecks you get. I think the flecks could work for you in a landscape, but a still life is more questionable as to how the flecks would add to the overall painting.

To produce this sanded paper, I use 140 cold press (not rough) w/c paper and a 300 grit sanding block. I sand by hand and I don't know if I would have the patience to sand anything larger than a 6 x 8", honestly. But it's been fun to use for the recent pieces.

On to number 16!

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