Friday, June 18, 2010

Brass Pitcher and Onions Take #2

I pulled this out of storage the other day and decided to rework most of the surface. The biggest changes were:

-cooling down the background light
-pulling the left onion ever so slightly into the light
-ditched the stem piece on the left onion and made a smaller shape
-lightened and warmed the table where the strongest light is hitting
-refined and rounded the form of the pitcher

Here is the wip for the older version...

I am much happier with it now and was happy I could see, 6 mos later, changes that needed to be made. I think that means I'm improving! Maybe in 6 more mos I'll see even more.

Reworked Painting
"Brass Pitcher and Onions"
10 x 12" Pastel on Paper

Old Version of Brass Pitcher

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Gemma said...

Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!