Sunday, May 24, 2009

Where My Love of Vintage and Fine Art Collides

I have a love of vintage items, but no room for them in my home. I have enough of my great-grandmother's, grandmothers', mother-in-law's and mother's treasures to fill up my
cupboards already.

But I do love hunting for them and giving them a renewed "purpose" in life. It is my take on recycling.

Some of my favorites are put into my fine artwork. The little cobalt blue perfume bottle/decanter became the focal point of the pastel painting below. The vintage Gibson teapot is the focal point in a colored pencil piece I am working on.

This little treasure is available on my Corn Street Vintage shop on Etsy.

"Cobalt Blue Bottle" 12 x 17" Pastel

My lovely Gibson's vintage teapot with a cottage style quilt made by me. Both are available on my Etsy shop, Corn Street Vintage.

"Vintage Teapot" 9 x 12" colored pencil (dry and watersoluble) on sanded board. A work in progress...


Carolina said...

I recognized the blue bottle the very first mili-second I saw it! great inspiration indeed, as well as the teapot.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

It's always struck me that people who do still life paintings need to pay an awful lot of attention to their props. Getting props you like means you like looking at your subject and never tire of painting it!

Cindy said...

Thank you Carolina and Katherine!

Yes, I love looking for things that give me "goose bumps". I don't get tired of looking at them that way. In fact, my affection for them grows and I find it hard to part with them.