Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grandma, Vintage Jewelry and Fiber Art ACEO's

One of my grandmothers, Gladys, worked at the Goodwill when she was older. She was the one that was the beauty operator who could think of nothing better in life than giving a good perm, a flapper, and a wild woman. See May 13th post.

Forgive me Grandma, but she was also a "pack rat", a trait that I have inherited. She used to save her tin foil and a whole cupboard was dedicated to used tin foil. (The dishwasher was not for washing dishes but used as a safe for her bills.) In my case, I save every bit and bob of something that could be used for artwork (so does my Mother.) My sons and grandchildren will be overwhelmed with what to do with my "stashes" when I am gone.

Anyway, while Grandma worked at the Goodwill, she would go through the incoming items and bring home anything that appeared to be of value. This little vintage jewelry piece on "Royally Gold" was one of her finds and has been in my jewelry box for years and years. It's missing a few stones but is really a lovely vintage item. It was the clasp on a bracelet.

I repurpose vintage items for my still life paintings, and when I find a suitable piece of vintage jewelry I repurpose it for my fiber art.

If you feel royal or queenly, this piece might be for you, and Grandma Gladys' find will finally be "home". Littleton Studio on 1000Markets

"Royally Gold" Fiber Art ACEO 2.5 x 3.5" with vintage bracelet clasp

Close up of "Royally Gold"


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It is lovely... You made me laugh for worrying for your sons and grandchildren!

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