Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Home for Two Pears

What a good day yesterday! My Lollishops and Etsy shops are beginning to take off, and I had a lovely surprise....sold "Two Pears" to an Australian buyer.

I have taken the month of December off from my pastel classes, just too much to do. I think we are going to start up again in January on Saturdays, which will work much better for me. If I don't like to go out at night, does that make me an old lady??? Plus, sometimes on Wednesday nights my little Opal comes over to play...and I can't miss that!

Here's a pic of my girl taken a few months ago in her play high heels. She is just like her Mommy in that she loves shoes...ballet shoes, tap shoes, Ugg boots, pink Princess boots, tennis shoes, patent leather shoes...and on it goes!

Christmas Eve is shaping up to be one terrific night of family, so keep good thoughts for no snow.
I'd go for a dry "HO,HO,HO"!!

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