Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Experiment with Auctioning Artwork

I am experimenting with a new online marketplace, ArtByUs, that is solely for artwork.

This miniature piece, Blue Cup & Peaches, is currently being auctioned in my gallery, Littleton Studio. The minimum bid is $35.00. I do have a reserve set but if you mention that you saw it auctioned on my art blog, Color On! I will waive the reserve. You can "buy it now" for $55, or you can start the bidding at $35.

SOLD Blue Cup & Peaches, colored pencil on Stonehenge paper 2.5" x 3" miniature.

I will be giving a talk in May at the Lakewood Arts Council's Community Art Center & Gallery (LAC) about online market places and ways to sell your art online. So I am trying lots of different venues to see how they work and what audiences they attract.

The first week in January I will be publishing a new blog, LAC President's Blog, to provide the latest information on what's happening at LAC and showcase our talented co-op artists. I will be serving as President of the LAC Board for 2009 and the new blog is part of my goal to gain exposure for LAC. I hope it will be widely read.

I decided to accept the position as President because I have gained so much from the LAC organization and the people involved. As a brand new artist 5 years ago I was able to gain so much confidence and exposure that I hope to do the same for others. LAC is, however, so much more than visual arts...performing arts, literary arts, community events, partnership with other organizations, etc. I hope you'll check out the new blog in January and you may be inspired to start a community arts organization in your area. It's the best!


Katherine Tyrrell said...

Good for you in starting a blog for your art society. It's a pity that more aren't doing the same thing.

Nicole Caulfield said...

I tried to buy this when I saw it, but I had to sign up for the auction site... and wait to be accepted... then I forgot about it. :-( I don't know if I have an account with them or not now!

If its still available would you accept a paypal payment?

Cindy said...

Absolutely Nicole! It's still available and I will e-mail you with my Paypal address.

Thanks for the feedback on the site. I think the site is a great idea but it has a long way to go to get some traffic. I spent some time going through the listings one day and only found two bids placed. Mostly it was all big goose eggs.