Thursday, June 26, 2008

Finished - Three Pears and Dish

Very excited to have this one finished. Considering my shaky color choices in the beginning stages, I'm happy with the end result. Three Pears and Dish 11 x 14" Pastel on Board


Ambera said...

an amazing three-dimensional piece. The hues of yellow against deep purple are fantastic. Beautiful!

Cindy said...

Thank you Ambera! I'm so glad you stopped in....stop in anytime.

Jan said...

Cindy, I love this one, as I love all your works. It follows my philosophy...enough realism to be believable and enough fantasy to be interesting!

The colors are that rust/violet-blue combination. :-)

I enjoy visiting this spot. I always learn something.


Paulette said...

It was fun watching this come together! Great work.

Cindy said...

Hi Jan (waving)! Thank you for your comments...I'm trying to be more painterly these days, but it's so hard to leave my "colored pencil mentality" behind. Please visit often..:-)

Thank you Paulette! It's always nice to hear from the Renaissance (is that spelled right??) woman.

Paulette said...

Yes it is!
I had to look it up about six times before I trusted myself to spell it.LOL